Investment Year
  • 2012
Investment Status
  • Current
Investment Type
  • Private
  • VII
Add-On Investments
  • Midwest Underground Technology, Inc.
  • 180 Logistics
  • FWT, LLC

Sabre Industries, Inc.

Sabre Industries, Inc. ("Sabre") is a turnkey provider of engineered structures and related services for the electric transmission and distribution (“T&D”) and wireless communications end markets.  The Company offers a complete customer solution with a full range of highly engineered towers and poles, building systems, and related service offerings including carrier network upgrades and tower installation, modification, maintenance, repair, antennae replacement and logistics services.  The Company’s best-in-class design, engineering, manufacturing and service capabilities has allowed it to develop leading positions with both electric T&D and wireless communications customers, including the nation’s largest utilities and wireless communications firms.

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