Investment Year
  • 2015
Investment Status
  • Current
Investment Type
  • Consolidation
  • VII
Add-On Investments
  • Sunspire Health
  • Caron Foundation Dallas facility
  • Meadows Behavioral Healthcare
  • Bournewood Health Systems

Alita Care, LLC

Alita Care, LLC (“Alita” or the“Company”) is a leading national provider of behavioral health services with 15 differentiated treatment programs across the country.  As the parent holding company for both Sunspire Health (“Sunspire”) and Meadows Behavioral Healthcare (“The Meadows”), Alita operates two independently branded treatment providers with the highest standards of clinical excellence.  With 10 treatment facilities across seven states, Sunspire utilizes evidence-based clinical interventions and an abstinence-focused approach to provide individualized treatment plans in intimate settings.  The Meadows, operating from its 150 acre campus in Wickenburg, Arizona, has five clinically-renowned programs to provide treatment for complex substance abuse,eating disorders, process addictions, and trauma.   Both The Meadows and Sunspire provide full continuum of care services and are able to support patients through inpatient and outpatient treatment modalities, enabling improved recovery outcomes.

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